CT Hydraulics

  • Address: Wheatland


CT Hydraulics strives to be the best in the industry.  We provide level three PPAPs to our customer and have maintained 300 PPM quality acceptance rate for a number of years.  Attention to detail allows us not only to achieve excellent quality, but our up front planning and continuous follow up on customer’s orders gives us a near perfect delivery rating as well. CT Hydraulics wants to be your number one source for Hydraulic fittings



CT Hydraulics was started in 2008. Our Vice President of Engineering, was one of the founders and established a business model of creating exponential savings for customers by improving the way in which they were designing their fittings.  He would walk a customer’s line, look for common errors made by young engineers, and create a design that either eliminated the number of fittings (and therefore leakpoints), or changed material to something more suitable.  This engineering redesign develops enthusiastic customers, who for years have been trying to squeeze out a few percentage points by resourcing, by getting large percentage savings that go to our customer’s bottom line.